Landscaping & Paving

Brick Paving

Brett Landscaping & Paving Ltd

Brick Paviours – 60mm Various Colours, and styles.


Where you want to be


We also do kiln dried sand

Brick Paving Bath

Brick Paving Bath

Paving Slabs

Castacrete Slabs

Paving various sizes and colours


Bowland Stone

Paving Circles, Edgings, Copings and a wide range of paving Slabs in stock


Vintage Slab Range

Grey Kerb Edgings Round and Flat Top

Paving Slabs

Paving Slabs

Paving Slabs

Walling Stone

Shearstone Walling Products are also available


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Please Note: we do not stock everything on their website


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We do not stock the red colour.

We do not stock everything on this page, but we are able to get it in, please contact the office for more information.