Other Building Supplies

Underground Piping

Underground Pipe

AJ champion stock a wide range of underground pipe and fittings.

6 Mtr length pipe and all fittings for 100mm underground pipe in stock

Pipe Lubricant

Perforated Land Drain 25/50/100mtr Rolls

Ox Range of Builders Tools

We only provide the highest quality of tools and we believe Ox are up to the job and that is why we only supply Ox Tools.

A wide range of building supplies

13″ Bristle Brush
Wheel Barrow

Builders Lines
Wire Brushes
Measuring Tapes
Churn Brush
Stanley Knife

Various Tubes of Silicone
10″ & 24″ Brushes

Gaffa Tape
Rock Salt

Manhole Covers

Manhole Covers

600mm x 450mm – 5, 10 & 17 tonne
Paviour Covers 600mm x 450mm
Aco Drain Channels 1Mtr

Reinforcing Mesh

A142 Mesh
Reinforcing Rod


Various threaded bar 1mtr lengths


100mm 150mm 225mm 300mm 450mm & 600mm wide
DPM Polythene Roll 4mtrs x 25mtrs or cut per mtr
Clear Polythene
Terran 100mtr Roll or cut per mtr

Joint-it now sold at AJ Champion

An all weather paving jointing mortar, the perfect solution for paving in all conditions.

Joint-it now available at AJ Champion

Screened Top Soil

We sell high quality screened top soil in bulk bags, stored in dry conditions and available all year round.

Screened Top Soil

Roofing Membrane

Breathable Felt  1.5mtr & 1Mtr Roll (50Mtrs)

Non Breathable Felt 1mtr x 50mtr

Mineral Felt 1mtr x 10mtr

Wall Ties

HRT4 Housing Tie 200 ,225,275mm

Heavy Duty Housing Tie 250, 300mm

Retaining Clip

Butterfly Tie

Ancon Screw Ties

Wall Starters

Wall Plate Straps

Joist Hangers

Cavity Closers

Universal for Cavities up to 100mm